Thrombin is a Na+-activated, serine protease that is activated by activated Factor X's enzymatic cleavage of two sites on prothrombin. Two allosteric forms of thrombin, slow (S) and fast (F), are focused on procoagulant and anticoagulant activities, respectively.

By activating platelets, thrombin is the primary effector protease in primary hemostasis and is essential for secondary hemostasis. In addition to its well-known roles in hemostasis, thrombin also contributes to a number of biological and pathophysiologic processes that are not hemostatic, most of which are mediated by the activation of protease-activated receptors (PARs). Thrombin cleaves PAR-1, PAR-3, and PAR-4 whereas trypsin cleaves PAR-2. Additionally, thrombin is essential for the migration and metastasis of human cancer cells.

Thrombin related products

Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
Argatroban (MD805; MCI9038; Argipidine) V1851 Argatroban (MD805; MCI9038; Argipidine) 74863-84-6 Argatroban (MD-805; MCI-9038; Argipidine)is a potent and selective synthetic thrombin inhibitor with Ki ranging from 5 nM to 39 nM.
Argatroban hydrate (MD805; MCI9038; Argipidine) V11569 Argatroban hydrate (MD805; MCI9038; Argipidine) 141396-28-3 Argatroban hydrate (also known as MD-805; MCI-9038; Argipidine) is a potent and selective synthetic thrombin inhibitor with Ki ranging from 5 nM to 39 nM.
Dabigatran (BIBR 953) V1848 Dabigatran (BIBR 953) 211914-51-1 Dabigatran (formerly BIBR 953; Pradaxa; Prazaxa; BIBR 953ZW) is a potent, nonpeptide, reversible, selective and direct thrombin inhibitor used to treat blood clots.
Dabigatran Etexilate V1849 Dabigatran Etexilate 211915-06-9 Dabigatran Etexilate(BIBR-1048) is the prodrug of dabigatran used as an thrombin inhibitor to treat blood clot.
Dabigatran etexilate mesylate V12492 Dabigatran etexilate mesylate 872728-81-9 Dabigatran Etexilatemesylate (BIBR-1048; BIBR 1048MS) is the prodrug of dabigatran which is a potent and nonpeptidic small molecule anti-thrombotic agent that specifically and reversibly inhibits both free and clot-bound thrombin by binding to the active site of the thrombin molecule.
Heparin sodium V1850 Heparin sodium 9041-08-1 Heparin sodium (150,160,170,180unit/mg), a sulfated polysaccharide belonging to the family of glycosaminoglycans, has numerous important biological activities associated with its interaction with diverse proteins.
Magnoflorine V24926 Magnoflorine 2141-09-5 (+)-Magnoflorine (Magnoflorine) is an aporphine alkaloid extracted from Acoruscalamus and can reduce the formation of C.
Warfarin (WARF42; Athrombine-K) V5301 Warfarin (WARF42; Athrombine-K) 81-81-2 Warfarin (WARF42; Athrombine-K; Coumadin) is a medication that is used as an anticoagulant in the prevention of thrombosis and thromboembolism, the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels and their migration elsewhere in the body, respectively.
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