LXRs (Liver X Receptor and ) are ligand-activated transcription factors that belong to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. As oxysterol-activated transcription factors, LXRs promote the coordinated mobilization of extra cholesterol from cells and the body by upregulating a group of genes. The LXRs, like other nuclear receptors, have anti-inflammatory properties. They prevent nuclear factor-B, activating protein-1, and other transcription factors from signaling-dependently inducing pro-inflammatory genes.

The liver, kidney, macrophages, and adipose tissue are among the tissues with the highest levels of LXR expression. However, LXR expression is pervasive. A growing body of research indicates that selective LXR agonists can mitigate the high triglyceride production that results from activating LXR, which is primarily expressed in the liver.

LXR related products

Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
22(R)-Hydroxycholesterol (Narthesterol) V67750 22(R)-Hydroxycholesterol (Narthesterol) 17954-98-2 22(R)-Hydroxycholesterol (Narthesterol) is an endogenous LXR agonist.
Abequolixron (RGX-104) V3965 Abequolixron (RGX-104) 610318-54-2 Abequolixron (formerly known as SB742881; RG104; SB-742881) is a novel potent and orally bioavailable liver-X nuclear hormone receptor-beta (LXR)agonist with potential immunomodulating and anticancer activities.
Abequolixron (RGX-104) HCl V3966 Abequolixron (RGX-104) HCl 610318-03-1 AbequolixronHCl (formerly RGX-104; SB-742881; SB742881), the hydrochloride salt ofRGX104, is a novel potent and orally bioavailable liver-X nuclear hormone receptor-beta (LXR)agonist that modulates innate immunity via transcriptional activation of the ApoE gene.
Acetyl podocarpic acid anhydride (Acetylpodocarpic dimer; APD) V67752 Acetyl podocarpic acid anhydride (Acetylpodocarpic dimer; APD) 344327-48-6 Acetyl podocarpic acid anhydride is a potent, semisynthetic liver X receptor (LXR) agonist derived from apple extract.
AZ876 V4156 AZ876 898800-26-5 AZ-876 is a novel, potent high-affinity agonist of Liver X Receptor (LXR)with Ki values of 0.007 μM and 0.011 μM for human LXRα and LXRβ respectively.
BMS-779788 V3482 BMS-779788 918348-67-1 BMS-779788 (formerlyknown as XL-652, EXEL 04286652 and BMS-788) is a novel and potentLXR (Liver X Receptors)partial agonist withIC50values of 68 nM for LXRαand 14 nM for LXRβ.
BMS-852927 V3502 BMS-852927 1256918-39-4 BMS-852927 (also known as XL041) is a partial agonist ofLXRβ (liver X receptor β).
DMHCA V67749 DMHCA 79066-03-8 DMHCA is a potent and specific LXR agonist that specifically activates the cholesterol efflux arm of the LXR pathway without stimulating triglyceride synthesis.
FITC-GW3965 V67751 FITC-GW3965 2374144-23-5 FITC-GW3965 is a fluorescently labeled liver X receptor beta (LXRβ) agonist GW3965.
GAC0001E5 V86231 GAC0001E5 927969-67-3
GAC0003A4 V86204 GAC0003A4 929492-71-7
GSK-2033 V3560 GSK-2033 1221277-90-2 GSK2033 is a novel, potent and cell-active LXR (liver X receptor) antagonist withpIC50s of 7 and 7.4 forLXRαorLXRβ.
GW3965 V30595 GW3965 405911-09-3 GW3965 (GW-3965) is a novel, potent, selective LXR (liver X receptor) agonist for hLXRα and hLXRβ with anti-inflammatory effects.
GW3965 HCl V1852 GW3965 HCl 405911-17-3 GW3965 (GW-3965) HCl, the hydrochloride salt ofGW3965, is a novel, potent, selective LXR (liver X receptor) agonist for hLXRα and hLXRβ with potential anti-inflammatory activity.
Iristectorigenin B V60091 Iristectorigenin B 86849-77-6 Iristectorigenin B (Iristectrigenin B) is a liver X receptor (LXR) modulator.
LXR623 V2912 LXR623 875787-07-8 LXR623 (WAY-252623; LXR-623) is a novel, highly brain-penetrant, selective and orally bioavailable synthetic modulator of LXR (Liver X receptor) with anticancer activity, It is a partial LXRα and full LXRβ agonist with IC50s of 24 nM and 179 nM, respectively.
LXRagonist 2 V67753 LXRagonist 2 2978788-07-5 LXR agonist 2 (compound 18rr) is a potent LXR (liver X receptor) agonist.
LXRβagonist-4 V78121 LXRβagonist-4 LXRβ agonist-4 is an orally bioavailable inhibitor of liver X receptors (LXRs) with IC50 of 0.0078 μM for LXRβ.
SR9238 V4045 SR9238 1416153-62-2 SR9238 is the first selective syntheticLXR(Liver Xreceptor) inverse antagonist withIC50s of 214 nM and 43 nM forLXRαandLXRβ, respectively.
SR9243 V1854 SR9243 1613028-81-1 SR9243 (SR-9243) is a potent and selective inverse agonist ofLXR.
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