Transcriptional regulator The basic helix-loop-helix leucinezipper (bHLHZipper) protein family includes c-Myc. The c-MYC protein's target genes are involved in a variety of cellular processes, including the cell cycle, survival, protein synthesis, cell adhesion, and the expression of microRNAs. In addition, c-Myc, one of the four factors required for the induction of pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from somatic cells, is thought to contribute to the maintenance of cancer stem-like cells (CSCs). The majority of c-Myc'sbiologicalactivities necessitate heterodimerization with its activation partner Max.

Additionally, c-Myc is a component of a dynamic network, which interacts selectively with different transcriptional coregulators, histone-modifying enzymes, and members of the network. Tumorigenesis is linked to c-MYC expression that is dysregulated as a result of gene amplification, retroviral insertion, or chromosomal translocation. One extremely promising target for cancer treatment is c-Myc.

c-Myc related products

Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
10058-F4 V1587 10058-F4 403811-55-2 10058-F4 (10058F4; 10058 F4) is a novel potent and selective c-Myc inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
10074-G5 V2724 10074-G5 413611-93-5 10074-G5 is a potent inhibitor of c-Myc-Max dimerization and interaction with an IC50 of 146 μM and with anticancer activities.
IRES-C11 V51576 IRES-C11 342416-30-2 IRES-C11 is a selective translation inhibitor that binds to the c-MYC internal ribosome entry site.
ML327 V4012 ML327 1883510-31-3 ML327 is a novel potent MYC blocker which also de-represses E-cadherin transcription, partially reverses EMT (Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition), and inhibits cancer cell invasiveness and tumor cell migration in vitro and in vivo.
MYCi361 (NUCC-0196361) V37599 MYCi361 (NUCC-0196361) 2289690-31-7 MYCi361 (NUCC0196361) is a novel and potent MYC inhibitor (Kd = 3.2 μM) with potential anticancer activity, it demonstrated a narrow therapeutic index.
MYCi975 (NUCC-0200975) V37600 MYCi975 (NUCC-0200975) 2289691-01-4 MYCi975 (NUCC-0200975), anMYCi361analog, is a novel, orally bioactive and potent MYC inhibitor (Kd = 3.2 μM) with potential anticancer activity.
Mycro3 V22075 Mycro3 944547-46-0 Mycro 3 is an orally bioactive, potent and specific inhibitor of Myc-Max dimerization.
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