About Us

About Us

InvivoChem is a leading supplier of small molecule inhibitors, bioactive compounds, and APIs. We develop, manufacture and market the aforementioned products. We have built-up our core research and manufacturing facilities in the US and China. Our R&D team consists of senior PhD researchers with experience in the development of bioactive compounds. Our team also includes the most qualified and talented pharmaceutical marketing experts with the experience to manage the complex activities and tight time lines required for pharmaceutical projects. In addition, we have our own analytical facilities such as NMR, HPLC and LCMS which ensure the best quality of our products. We care about your success and are committed to provide the best products and services at a very competitive price.

  • Our Products and Services

    Our products include small molecule inhibitors from milligram to gram levels for biomedical research (drug discovery, molecular biology et al.), and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and their intermediates from gram to kilogram scale. Our services include all aspects of medicinal chemistry research, custom organic synthesis, synthetic route optimization, synthetic process development, formulation development, and analytical services.

  • About 'InvivoChem'

    InvivoChem was originated from the combination of two words: 'In Vivo' and 'Chemistry'. In Vivo (Latin) means 'within the living'. The implication of 'InvivoChem' is that we provide a comprehensive collection of bioactive compounds for cutting edge biomedical research, e.g. in vivo  (animal) studies. InvivoChem not only offers bioactive compounds in powder form but also provides the most suitable solvents to make solutions for in vivo studies.

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