Eukaryotic Initiation Factor

Eukaryotic Initiation Factor

Eukaryotic initiation factors (eIFs) are proteins involved in the initiation phase of eukaryotic translation.These proteins offer regulatory mechanisms for translation initiation as well as aid in stabilizing the formation of the functional ribosome around the start codon.

A guanine nucleotide-exchange protein called eukaryotic initiation factor 2B (eIF2B) facilitates the conversion of GDP (bound to eIF2) into GTP, thereby regenerating the active [eIF2.GTP] complex necessary for peptide chain initiation. An important regulator of eukaryotic protein synthesis, eIF2B activity changes in response to viral infection, hormones, nutrients, growth factors, and specific stresses.

The role of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) in the beginning of protein synthesis on capped mRNAs in the cytoplasm is well known. The initiation factor complex elF4F, which mediates the binding of mRNA to the ribosome, is composed of the eukaryotic initiation factor (elF) 4A as a subunit.

Eukaryotic Initiation Factor related products

Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
V52830 (Z)-4EGI-1 901787-88-0 (Z)-4EGI-1 is the Z-isomer of 4EGI-1 and is an inhibitor (blocker/antagonist) of eIF4E/eIF4G interaction and translation initiation.
V11588 2BAct 2143542-28-1 2BAct is a novel, potent,highly selective, CNS-permeable, and orally bioactive eif2b (eukaryotic initiation factor 2B) activator with an EC50 of 33 nM, it prevents neurological defects caused by a chronic integrated stress response (ISR).
V1946 4E1RCat 328998-25-0 4E1RCat is a potent and dual inhibitor of eIF4E:eIF4G and eIF4E:4E-BP1 protein-protein interaction, and also inhibits the binding of eIF4G to eIF4E with IC50 of 3.2 μM.
V1959 4EGI-1 315706-13-9 4EGI-1 is a potent and competitive eIF4E/eIF4G interaction inhibitor which binds to eIF4E with KD of 25 μM.
V2815 Briciclib (ON-014185) 865783-99-9 Briciclib (also known as ON 013105; ON 014185) is an orally bioavailable small molecule and a disodium phosphate ester prodrug of ON 013100 with improved water solubility compared to ON 013100.
V55219 CMLD012072 2368900-33-6 CMLD012072 is an amidino-rocaglates and a potent inhibitor of eukaryotic initiation factor 4A (eIF4A).
V18324 CMLD012073 2368900-32-5 CMLD012073 is an amidino-rocaglates and a potent inhibitor of eukaryotic initiation factor 4A (eIF4A).
V52239 CMLD012612 2368900-35-8 CMLD012612 is an amidino-rocaglate containing a hydroxamate group and is a potent eukaryotic initiation factor 4A (eIF4A) inhibitor.
V37649 Didesmethylrocaglamide 177262-30-5 Didesmethylrocaglamide is a naturally occurring rocaglamide type of 1H-cyclopenta[b]benzofuran lignans isolated from three Aglaia species (Aglaia duperreana, A. oligophylla and A. spectabilis).
V55207 DNL343 2278265-85-1 DNL343 is a brain-penetrating activator of eukaryotic initiation factor 2B (eIF2B) that can inhibit the abnormal integrated stress response (ISR).
V55214 eIF4A3-IN-10 1402931-72-9 eIF4A3-IN-10 (compound 58) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55217 eIF4A3-IN-11 1402931-70-7 eIF4A3-IN-11 (compound 56) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55210 eIF4A3-IN-12 1402931-76-3 eIF4A3-IN-12 (compound 62) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55216 eIF4A3-IN-13 1402931-85-4 eIF4A3-IN-13 (compound 75) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55218 eIF4A3-IN-14 1402931-65-0 eIF4A3-IN-14 (compound 51) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55215 eIF4A3-IN-15 1402931-66-1 eIF4A3-IN-15 (compound 52) is an analog of silvestrol.
V55208 eIF4A3-IN-16 1402931-74-1 eIF4A3-IN-16 (compound 60) is an analog of silvestrol.
V55211 eIF4A3-IN-17 1402931-75-2 eIF4A3-IN-17 (compound 61) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55209 eIF4A3-IN-18 1402931-84-3 eIF4A3-IN-18 (compound 72) is an analogue of silvestrol.
V55220 eIF4A3-IN-4 2861994-92-3 eIF4A3-IN-4 is a novel eIF4A inhibitor (antagonist) with IC50 of 8.6 μM.
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