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Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
V34607 (+)-Isocorydine hydrochloride 13552-72-2 (+)-Isocorydine hydrochloride is natural product.
V34336 (+)-Pinoresinol 487-36-5 Pinoresinol is a plant-derived lignin used for defense in caterpillars.
V34518 (+)-Rabdosiin 263397-69-9 Rabdosiin is a caffeic acid tetramer extracted from Ocimum sanctum.
V34601 (-)-Asarinin 133-05-1 (-)-Asarinin is natural product and a component of sesame oil formed by the epimerization of sesamin.
V34608 (-)-Isoreserpine 482-85-9 (-)-Isoreserpine is natural product.
V34337 (-)-Syringaresinol di-O-glucoside 66791-77-3 Syringaresinol diglucoside is a natural compound found in bamboo leaves.
V34368 (18β,20α)-Glycyrrhizic acid 118441-85-3 Licorice-saponin H2 ((18β,20α)-Glycyrrhizic acid) is a saponin from licorice.
V34525 (2RS)-Lotaustralin 1973415-50-7 Lotaustralin is a cyanogenic glycoside compound extracted from Manihot esculenta.
V34499 (9Z,12Z)-N-Benzyloctadeca-9,12-dienamide 18286-71-0 N-Benzyllinoleamide can be extracted from Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.
V34522 (R)-α-Methyltryptamine 7795-52-0 (R)-α-Methyltryptamine is natural product.
V34588 (±)-6'-Bromolaudanosine 53392-66-8 (±)-6'-Bromolaudanosine is natural product.
V34598 (±)-Abscisic acid 14375-45-2 (±)-Abscisic acid is an orally bioactive plant hormone that is also found in animals.
V34534 (±)-Epibatadine 140111-52-0 (±)-Epibatadine is natural product.
V34453 (±)-Vasicine 6159-56-4 (±)-Vasicine, the racemix mixture of vasicine,is a naturally occuring alkaloid /quinazoline alkaloid isolated fromJusticia adhatoda.
V34206 1-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-2-(4-allly-2,6-dimethoxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol 41535-95-9 (Rac)-Myrislignan is the racemate of Myrislignan.
V34195 1-O-acetylbritannilactone 681457-46-5 1-O-acetylbritannilactone is natural product of the sesquiterpenoid class.
V34432 10-hydroxy aconitine 41849-35-8 10-hydroxy aconitine is natural product of the alkaloid class.
V34366 11-Deoxymogroside IIE 11-Deoxymogroside IIE is natural product of the triterpenoid class.
V34365 11-Oxomogroside IIa 11-Oxomogroside IIa is natural product of the triterpenoid class.
V34532 12-Deoxyphorbol 13-phenylacetate 20-acetate 54662-30-5 12-Deoxyphorbol 13-phenylacetate 20-acetate is natural product.
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