Phenylpropanoids related products

Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
V58743 (+)-cis-Khellactone 24144-61-4 (+)-cis-Khellactone is a lactone extracted from Cordyceps sinensis.
V59496 (+)-Diasyringaresinol 551-29-1 (+)-Diasyringaresinole is a lignan that can be extracted from Aquilaria agallocha.
V59118 (+)-Isolariciresinol ((+)-Cyclolariciresinol) 548-29-8 (+)-Isolariciresinol ((+)-Cyclolariciresinol) may be utilized in the research/study of rheumatic inflammation.
V59199 (+)-Licarin 42016-15-9 (+)-Licarin (Compound 7) is an octane-like neolignan developed from the leaves of Ocotea macrophylla Kunth.
V61366 (+)-Matairesinol 148409-36-3 (+)-Matairesinol is a lignan.
V58033 (+)-Saxalin 125517-45-5 (+)-Saxalin is a furanocoumarin found in Harboria trachypleura.
V60432 (-)-(7R, 8S)-dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol 126253-41-6 (-)-(7R, 8S)-dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol (compound 10) is a lignan extracted from Hedyotis uncinella.
V62720 (-)-8-Methoxyobliquin 105249-48-7 (-)-8-Methoxyobliquin is a coumarin found in the aerial parts of Helianthus heterophyllus.
V64493 (-)-Anomalin ((-)-Praeruptorin B) 4970-26-7 (-)-Anomalin ((-)-Praeruptorin B) is a coumarin analogue extracted from the roots of Angelica anomala.
V59061 (-)-Conocarpan 56319-02-9 (-)-Conocarpan is a naturally occurring compound found in different species of Krarneria.
V59930 (-)-Haplomyrfolin 85404-48-4 (-)-Haplomyrfolin is a natural lignan with anti-cancer properties.
V57190 (-)-Holostyligone 887501-28-2 (-)-Holostyligone is a lignan developed from Holostylis reniformis.
V59795 (-)-Lariciresinol 83327-19-9 (-)-Lariciresinol is a lignan compound extracted from Sambucus williamsii.
V57442 (-)-Lyoniresinol 31768-94-2 (-)-Lyoniresinol is a lignan extracted from Tarenna attenuata and has anti-oxidant effect.
V61544 (-)-Oxypeucedanin hydrate ((-)-Prangol) 133164-11-1 (-)-Oxypeucedanin hydrate ((-)-Prangol) is a furanocoumarin analogue extracted from Ducrosia anethifolia.
V62396 (-)-Sesamin ((-)-Sesamin) 13079-95-3 (-)-Sesamin is extracted from Asarum forbesii Maxim and is an isomer of Sesamin.
V61967 (-)-Syringaresinol ((-)-Syringaresinol) 6216-81-5 (-)-Syringaresinol is found in Annona Montana and has anti-cancer activity.
V57255 (-)-Toddanol 77715-99-2 (-)-Toddanol is a coumarin extracted from the roots of Centella asiatica (Toddalia asiatica).
V58308 (-)-β-Peltatin (β-Peltatin) 518-29-6 (-)-β-Peltatin is an organic heterotetracyclic compound with anti-tumor effects and plant metabolite effects, functionally related to α-peltatin.
V57903 (-)-β-Peltatin-5-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside 11024-59-2 (-)-β-Peltatin-5-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside is a bioactive compound.
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