Instead of the usual proteasome pathway, target proteins are destroyed by the lysosomal targeting chimera (LYTAC). By attaching to the lysosomal asialoglycoprotein receptor with its ligand, LYTAC breaks down its target proteins. LYTAC often has an antibody attached to the other side so that it may connect to the target protein and degrade it.

LYTACs related products

Structure Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Product Description
V82619 Chloroacetamido-C-PEG3-C3-NHBoc 934164-55-3
V82618 Thalidomide-5-O-CH2-COO(t-Bu) 2682112-10-1
V51380 tri-GalNAc biotin small molecule lysosome targeting degrader
V51381 Tri-GalNAc(OAc)3 1159408-64-6 tri-GalNAc ligand for GalNAc-LYTAC
V51382 Tri-GalNAc(OAc)3 TFA 1159408-65-7 tri-GalNAc ligand for GalNAc-LYTAC
V76397 Tri-GalNAc(OAc)3-Perfluorophenyl
V51383 tri-GalNAc-COOH (acetylation) acetylated and modified form of tri-GalNAc-COOH
V51384 Tri-GalNAc-NHS ester 1953146-83-2 tri-GalNAc ligand-linker conjugate for GalNAc-LYTAC
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