• Custom Organic Synthesis

    Can't find the products and service you need for your research? InvivoChem can help! In addition to the regular products, InvivoChem can also synthesize compounds and provide service in accordance with client specification. We assure the best quality and the shortest turn-over time. Please contact us to receive a quote on your next specialized project or send us an e-mail to start solving your problems! Quality assurance and confidential services from milligrams to metric tons scales.

  • Custom Peptide Synthesis

    InvivoChem is able to provide a range of high quality custom peptide synthesis services for biomedical research. These services include but not limited to standard peptide synthesis (from mg to kg), high-throughput peptide library and peptide array synthesis.  Custom peptide synsthesis offered by InvivoChem utilizes the latest technologies such as solid phase and/or liquid phase synthesis, and microwave and/or ligation technologies. Quality of peptides is guaranteed with MS spectrum, HPLC analysis and other QC documents. Just send us an e-mail for more details!

  • Analytical Service

    InvivoChem has strong expertise in the analytical and bioanalytical area. We can perform contracted analytical work such as NMR data acquisition, pre-clinical pharmacokinetics (quantification of small molecules in plasma samples) and drug metabolism studies using advanced LC-MS/MS methodologies. Just call us at: 708-310-1919 for details or send us an e-mail to begin working out your problems!

    Click here to view our lab, plant and assay equipment.

  • Scientific Editing

    For authors who aim to publish their research in high Impact Factor journals, we provide scientific editing service as follows: 
    ♦ Developmental editing by a scientific editor who has reviewed or edited for high impact factor journals. 
    ♦ Content editing  by editors with expertise in the biomedical research field. 
    ♦ Continuous support for journal revision by editors who has published over 100 paper in biomedical sciences.

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
NMR Service:
♦ 1D NMR (1H, 13C, 31P) for small molecules

HPLC Service:
♦ Routine analytical service (e.g. purity test)

MS Service:
♦ Routine analytical service (e.g. pharmacokinetic study)

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