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    Before registration, please read the following content, in the process of registration procedures, click the 'agree and continue' button indicates that the user is to accept all the terms and conditions under this agreement.

    The first membership

    In your commitment to fully agree to the terms of service and after InvivoChem website to complete the registration process, can be a member of this site enjoy InvivoChem website to provide service for you.

    Article 2: the membership privileges

    1, members should sign a contract and pay the relevant fees can enjoy all the tax service content of this web site provides (other registered new businesses can enjoy only part of the platform services);

    2, any members are obligated to comply with this regulation and other network services agreement, regulations, procedures and practices.

    Article 3: the member information

    1, in order to enable us to better provide service for members, please provide detailed and accurate personal information, such as how to change, please update in time, providing false information the consequences shall be borne by the members;

    2, the member has the responsibility to keep your login password and change on a regular basis to avoid losses, due to careless membership losses shall be borne by the member. Users should be with its user account for all the legal responsibility for the activities and events.

    Article 4: the cancellation of the membership

    If found any member has one of the following intentional act, we reserve the right to cancel the use of the service, and need not to make any compensation;

    1, may cause this website all or partial services affected, or harm to the web site;

    2, any fraud to obtain membership;

    3, for any illegal purposes and use the network service system;

    Article 5: the bylaw

    1, the above provision is limited to the scope of InvivoChem;

    2, our member for violating the above rules and violate the relevant laws and regulations, all the consequences, InvivoChem site does not assume any responsibility;

    3, within the scope of the provisions of this clause, InvivoChem websites have the final explanation right.

    Products are for research use only;  We do not sell to patients
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