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    Catalog No: V3455
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1374601-41-8
    Description: BRD9539 is a potent and selective inhibitor that inhibits G9a activity with an IC50 of 6.3 μM, it also inhibits euchromatin histone methyltransferase 2 (EHMT2). Post-translation...
    Catalog No: V3456
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 28097-03-2
    Description: Chaetocin, a fungal mycotoxin, extracted from Chaetomium, is a novel, specific inhibitor of the histone methyltransferase (HMT) G9a with an IC50 of 2.5 μM . It also inhibits thi...
    Catalog No: V3457
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 58944-73-3
    Description: Sinefungin is novel and potent inhibitor of histone G9a and DNA methyltransferase that is a nucleoside structurally related to S-adenosylhomocysteine and S-adenosylmethionin....
    Catalog No: V3458
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1416799-28-4
    Description: AMG 333 is a novel, potent and highly selective TRPM8 antagonist with an IC50 of 13 nM and 20 nM for hTRPM8 and rTRPM8, respectively.  AMG-333can be pot...
    Catalog No: V3459
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1173699-31-4
    Description: AMG-337 is a novel, potent and highly selective small molecule ATP-competitive MET kinase inhibitor. In enzymatic assays, AMG 337 inhibited MET kinase activity with an IC50 of ...
    Catalog No: V3460
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1352066-68-2
    Description: AMG 232 is a novel, potent, selective and orally bioavailable piperidinone inhibitor of MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction with IC50 of 0.6 nM. AMG 232 binds to MDM2 with...
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