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    Catalog No: V1913
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 164204-38-0
    Description: Phosphoramidon disodium salt is a potent metalloendopeptidase inhibitor, which is widely used as a biochemical research tool. Phosphoramidon In porcine aortic endothelial cells, phos...
    Catalog No: V2065
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 89-25-8
    Description: Edaravone (formerly known as Radicut; MCI-186; NCI-C03952; NSC 12; Norantipyrine; Norphenazone; trade name: Radicava) is a novel and potent free radical scavenger that has ...
    Catalog No: V2172
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 866924-39-2
    Description: GW280264X is a novel and potent ADAM17 inhibitor.
    Catalog No: V2835
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1001288-58-9
    Description: FT011 is a novel potent anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic agent that has been reported to attenuate organ damage in diabetic rats with cardiomyopathy and nephropathy. n diabet...
    Catalog No: V3665
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 193022-04-7
    Description: CTS-1027 is a novel, potent small molecule inhibitor of MMPs (matrix metalloproteinase) with IC50s of 0.3 nM, 0.5 nM for MMP2, MMP13, respectively, and has ...
    Catalog No: V4081
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 260264-93-5
    Description: GI254023X(also known as GI4023 and SRI028594) is a novel and potent inhibitor ofMMP9 (Matrix Metallopeptidase 9) and ADAM10 (A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase 10) with...
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