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    Catalog No: V0377
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 95635-55-5
    Description: Ranolazine (formerly CVT-303, RS 43285-003; brand name Ranexa) is a approved anti-angina drug used to treat chronic angina. Ranolazine acts as a calcium uptake inhibitor via the...
    Catalog No: V2042
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 949912-58-7
    Description: Remodelin is a novel, selective and potent acetyl-transferase NAT10 inhibitor that is cell-permeable and stable analog of CPTH2. Remodelin inhibits acetyl-transferase NAT10, a nuclear N-a...
    Catalog No: V2519
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 328968-36-1
    Description: C646 is a potent, selective and competitive inhibitor for histone acetyltransferase p300. It inhibits p300 with a Ki of 400 nM in a cell-free assay. It is less potent for other acety...
    Catalog No: V2520
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1243583-85-8
    Description: MG-149 (MG149) is a novel, potent and selective histone acetyltransferase (HAT) inhibitor with anticancer activity. It inhibits HAT with IC50 of 74 μM and 47 μM for Tip60 and MOF, re...
    Catalog No: V2521
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 1622921-15-6
    Description: Remodelin HBr, the hydrobromide salt of Remodelin and a cell-permeable and stable analog of CPTH2, is an acetyl-transferase NAT10 inhibitor. Remodelin inhibits acetyl-transferase NAT...
    Catalog No: V2522
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 16611-84-0
    Description: Anacardic Acid (Hydroginkgolic acid), a natural product isolated from cashew nut shell liquid, is a potent inhibitor of p300 and p300/CBP-associated factor histone acetyltranferases,...
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