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    Catalog No: V1438
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 12650-69-0
    Description: Mupirocin (BRL-4910A; Pseudomonic acid) is an potent isoleucyl t-RNA synthetase inhibitor and an orally bioactive antibiotic isolated from Pseudomonas fluorescens. It is us...
    Catalog No: V1439
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 305-03-3
    Description: Chlorambucil (CB-1348; WR-139013) is an approved antitumor drug acting as a nitrogen mustard alkylating agent, it is an orally-active antineoplastic aromatic nitrogen mustard that...
    Catalog No: V1440
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 6960-45-8
    Description: CRT0044876 (also known as NSC 69877, 7-NO2-ICA) is a potent and selective APE1 inhibitor with IC50 of ~3 μM. In HeLa whole cell extract, CRT0044876 inhibited apurinic/apyri...
    Catalog No: V1441
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 143621-35-6
    Description: Triapine (also known as 3-AP; PAN-811; NSC# 663249; OCX191) is a potent ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor and a potent radiosensitizer with broad spectrum antitumor activity by...
    Catalog No: V1442
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 55-86-7
    Description: Mechlorethamine is the prototypical drug of DNA alkylating class of  antitumor agents, it works by binding to DNA, crosslinking two strands and preventing cell duplication. Mech...
    Catalog No: V1443
    CAS No. (CAS Registry Number): 10212-25-6
    Description: Cyclocytidine (also known as Ancitabine, and NSC 145668 HCl) is the prodrug of cytarabine, which is a pyrimidine nucleoside analog that inhibits the DNA synthesis and used mainly in ...
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